• Success Story

    OptiSale: Real-time, dynamic pricing & product suggestion
    technology sold to one of the leading online retailers.

    Our product OptiSale Acquired.
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    Generating Surplus
    Evolutionary Technology Framework.
    Increases value of transaction.
    For all involved parties.
    Ask Us How?

X_times_Y Inc. A Behaviour Intelligence Company.

We are a technology startup working to change ad hoc, static & inefficient price setting methods used currently. We specialize in real-time price differentiation for multi-feature products & services. We use technical innovations to create transparency, foresights & market competition and enable value-based trades generating consumer & producer surpluses and reducing dead-weight losses.

Our Technology

We model human behaviour using data. We make predictions and recommendations. We facilitate transactions.

Valuechain Dynamics

How to estimate the impact of a decision on complex network of goods and services production & delivery?

Real-time Optimum

What is the present-value of future benefit flows of a good or service for a specific person right now?

Preference Transition

What motivates people to change their tastes and choices? How can their decision making patterns be explained?

Characteristic Spectra

How to identify and measure value of individual features which matter in a product or a service offering?

The trade is not a zero-sum game. Everyone can benefit. Our products make that possible.

What is so unique about us

Our interdisciplinary approach to problem solving enables us to offer unparallel benefits to businesses and consumers. X_times_Y's competitive advantage and expertise lies in creating useful yet simple-to-use solutions to often overlooked problems.

Applied Intelligence. Perfect Matching. We develop long-term trend-setting technologies.

We operate at the intersection of following domains.

Big data.
predictive analytics.

Product & Service Features Database.

Stochastic Models & Algorithms.

Mobile & Cloud. Software as a utility service.